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Best Anti-3 Star War Base For Town Hall 9

Hello warrior, today i am introducing to you a new anti-3 star best war base for town hall 9 . this base was tested 2 clan wars and it shows outstanding result.i think if you use this base your enemy will not get more then 2 the town hall 9 war base is typically hard to get 3 star but few expertise to get i think this base will best war base to prevent them to get 3 star from your base.

so lets go to see how to make


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best war base for town hall 9 :

best war base th 9

First Clan Castle Location:

The clan castle is utilized to protect Queen’s Island, usually when your base raid by attackers they firstly destroy the queen and clan in this case i strongly support using the combination of Goblins, Minions, Valkyries and Baby Dragon to defend while using this layout. this can destroy loads of attacks coming from the south will force the attackers to use lots of spell and troops enter the main area.

Anti-Funnel Dead zone :

The dead space behind the Archer Queen in the nearby compartments is dangerous! Being combined with thick typical structures adjacent makes it too hard for the attackers  to pipe troops into the core, from the down. Since there is actually nothing to target, troops will be diverted towards outside. This is also useful at separating Golems, Giants from Bowlers and Heroes.and it makes failed raid.

clash of clans war base for town hall 9

Components : 

This base has such a variety of compartments, up to 12! These compartments guarantee moderate advancement and high harm all through the base. attackers need to spend either lots of time or spells to break into the core. even attackers to take more time and spells to break or clean up walls it will very hard to gain last star.

The Central Kill zone : 

A Giant Bomb is situated here and combined with 2 Hidden Teslas to to form the unexpected DPS. It’s hard for the Kill Squad to trigger the Dead Zone as expressed previously. Unless the Hog Riders are pre-Healed, they will get slaughtered quickly.Healing spells are needed if the attackers want to enter valkyries inside this area.

Spring Traps :

In this base, spring traps are well set up to deal with valkyries,giants,hog riders and other ground troops.

Some of defense logs :

clash of clans war base for town hall 9 best war base town hall 9 anti-3 star best war base for town hall 9



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