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Clash of Clans Army Training Revamp and Quick Train

Clash of Clans Army Training Revamp and Quick Train :

The new small patch update is about Clash of Clans Army Training Revamp and Quick Train. The developer of COC APK reacted to the hugely requested features. and made this update. The old training system is now replaced with a new better training system.

The developer of Clash Of Clans APK believe in simplicity that’s why they have made the training process more elegant. Also implemented the quick train to train and retain armies with one single tap.

Create and save all of your troops combo and manage them in one place. See your troops, train, brew spell, and quick train all in one place in the new training window. In train troops tab train all your troops. Drag or move your troops to prioritize the unit you want to finish train first. In brew spell you can train spells. Again drag the spells to prioritize the unit you want to finish first.

Clash of clans Army Training Revamp and Quick Train

Boost your training using Gems. In the Army tab you can see all your trained troops and heroes. Also ask for reinforcement in the clan.

Now come the new change Quick train. Quick train will let you create three different army combos. Create your army combos and save them. The next time you going to attack you can train your combo troops from quick train with just one tap. Quickly train your previous army. Can also give your combo troops some name.

The detailed change set:

  • Train troops and spell in one single tap
  • Train two armies at a time
  • Quick train let you create 3 army plans
  • Retain your last army
  • Rearranged your favorite troops and spell
  • New marks to show the trained and untrained troops

Another major change is upgraded barracks will reduce the train time. Make sure all of the barracks ar upgraded. The time will reduce depending on the barracks level and all should be up graded to get the most less train time.

Gems cost also rearranged:

Small amounts of unit have higher train cost than large amount of units.

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