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Clash of Clans Update – Bug Fixed With New Improvements

Clash of Clans Update

Clash of Clans players were quite happy once they already have detected what the new March 2016 Clash of Clans update can bring for their favorite game. However, once this revise was free, the bulk of them were quite discomfited.

Various users have reported many problems on Supercell’s discussion boards and it looks that the developers reacted in time. Listed below are the some issues that the Conflict of Clans: March Revise 2016 came with:


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– “Device not compatible” meaning appears after the upgrade was downloaded on the mobile device;
– Turning accounts is no much longer possible;
– Upgrades take forever to install;
– Clash of Clans dives throughout the bottom renovate;
– Boost Timers avoid pause throughout game’s maintenance;
– The traps aren’t any longer triggered by Heroes;
– The recover rate of the healers for heroes area unit in seventy % (very high);
– cut of Clans war corresponding system is giving an excessive amount of importance to lines.


The new update won’t fix of these problems, however you’ll see below what issues it solved:

– The recover rates of the healers for heroes area unit currently traditional again;
– The traps that had been not induced by the heroes are fixed;
– The Clash of Clans Warfare matching has been modified;
– Valkyrie’s health things has been decreased;
– Notifications for Clash of Clans is presently functioning across all devices.

The Battle of Clans March Post on additionally brought a brand new troop referred to as Bowler, a Dark Elixir troop robes unlatched once town Hall hits level fifteen. additionally, new levels for Mortars and Tormento Towers are additional, but they need city space level eleven. We’re positive that Supercell can bring in time another Revise for Clash of groups, which can fix the remaining problems that haven’t been resolved however.

Include you compete Clash of Clans since it received the March Update? Inform North American country your thoughts regarding it!


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