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Clash of clans Upcoming Healer Balance Changes August 2016

Clash of clans Upcoming Healer Balance Changes August 2016

There’s been a lot of discussion about the recently announced Balance changes august 2016 to make Healers once again trigger the air traps. Concerning matter is how it is going to effect the “Queen walk” Strategy. Where an attack begins with a high level Archer Queen flanked by at least four Healers.

The Queen, Healer combination is the most likable attack strategy for higher level Town hall owners.But the creators of this game gave some explanation about this Balance Changes of Healers.

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Healer Balance Changes


Ground armies reliant of Healer support considered far too risky before. They didn’t fixate to the isolated troops. Also they wandering needlessly across the enemy village. This wandering makes Healers to trigger the air traps which cause instant doom. That’s why their usage was extremely low.


Then the development team made several changes to make Healer less risky and more rewarding. Like they made Healers not triggers air traps, better sticking with the troops, and less prone to wandering.

But now it seems that in a hand of a skill attacker the survival rate of a group of Healers are very high. Hidden behind the Archer queen and group of bowlers. They become Far too safe.

Queen walking forecast

A well executed Queen walk attack combine with Healers is extremely powerful. Though it is still a strategy of skill but the developers think that extra risk of air traps provides a measured balance to the powerful rewards of this strategy.

Bowling forecast

The threats for Healer in a mass Bowler attack is very low because Bowlers are long range armies. So with the traps in play, however, the more effective the attack, the more air traps Healers will encounter. It is seen that well executed Bowler attacks can still perform quite well even after these Healer Balance changes.

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